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Parking, Pot Lucks, & Prancing

According to the City Council’s online agenda for the 12th, Tuesday’s meeting will include more discussion regarding the proposed increases in the parking rates (section 4.3 of the agenda).  The meeting starts at 5:30.

If you’re interested in a fun evening of food and conversation, don’t forget to sign up for the Association Pot Luck that’s being held in the Atrium on the 24th.

A Midsummer Dream festival is on Merrimack Street next Saturday afternoon and evening. It’s free and it doesn’t involve any street closings. Charlie and I have been roped into providing some dance entertainment  during the afternoon which makes it a truly unique opportunity to see one of your board members hopping around downtown in fairy wings!

City Council Meeting 5/29

FYI, the City Council’s agenda for Tuesday evening’s meeting includes the proposed parking rate increases for downtown. It’s not clear if there’s a vote or public input involved, but anyone interested in keeping abreast of the situation might want to attend the meeting in the City Council chamber at City Hall at 6:30.

Mailroom and Doors Open

Doors Open Lowell is this Thursday thru Saturday. There are some interesting new buildings on the list this year (we’ve always wondered about the trolley barn at the Boott and now we get a chance to visit it!) More info here.

And, if you’ve been wondering what happened in the mail room last weekend, someone forced the window and helped themselves to some packages. There’s a photo of the culprit in the Lowell Sun here.

Board Meeting Wednesday and Festivals

The monthly board meeting is tomorrow, the 25th, in the lobby office at 7:00. Residents are welcome.

The Festival of Lights is this Saturday, the 28th, at 6:00 at 282 Suffolk Street, a short walk across Dutton Street. This lovely evening festival involves music, international food, and floating lanterns.

And there’s a new festival in the works for mid-June centered on Shakespeare and fantasy creatures. They’re currently looking for vendors, fairy house builders, and costume competitors. Sounds like a great chance to flex your creative side!

Parking Fees, Alarm Testing, and Midsummer Dreaming

The vote on increasing parking fees has been postponed after downtown businesses complained at Tuesday’s public hearing. More info here.

A reminder that Ron and a tech or two will be checking the fire alarm and sprinkler equipment in each unit this Thursday between 8:30AM and 4:30PM. If you haven’t already completed your permission form, please fill it out and drop it at the office ASAP. Extra copies are available at the office if you no longer have your blank copy or contact me and I’ll see about posting a copy. This annual inspection is important for everyone’s safety.

Also, there seems to be a new festival in the works aimed at children and adults and planned for June 16th. For anyone interested and available, there’s a planning meeting at Humanity Style at 128 Merrimack from 10:00–11:00AM this Thursday.

Parking Fees

After the March City Council meeting, here’s what Georgi reported back:

“I attended this evening’s Lowell Council meeting and the parking increases were accepted without discussion.

“A few months ago there was a special meeting to discuss  the planned increase in parking fees (and fines throughout the city) that was attended by about 30 very interested parties who were against the then-submitted proposal.

“This current and now passed financial plan is very close to what many of us suggested at that meeting.

“The increase is 37% higher than what we pay now in the garage but the increase is perfectly aligned with the cumulative inflation rate since the last time the garage costs were increased (2003).”

Also, Brian advises that there will be one more public hearing about the fee increases next Tuesday, the 3rd, at the regular City Council meeting in the City Council chamber at City Hall, 2nd floor. The agenda for the meeting can be found here, with the specifics about the parking fee increase here.

City Council Meeting Tomorrow (Parking Fees on Agenda)

A neighbor (thank you, Brian) provided the following info:

“Just an FYI. On the City Council agenda for the March 20, 2018 meeting an ordinance change is being requested to increase the parking fees/fines as of July 1, 2018. I’m not sure if a hearing will take place or if the council will just vote on it at the meeting.”

After some digging, I found this, which offers the new rates under discussion, and which is part of the larger agenda for this meeting. For anyone interested in attending, here’s the info.

Date: March 20, 2018
Time: 6:30 PM
Location: City Council Chamber, 375 Merrimack Street, 2nd Floor, Lowell, MA

No one likes to have their fees go up, but the increases they’re talking about now look much more reasonable than the ones they were discussing earlier. The monthly pass card rates for the Leo Roy Garage given in the new ordinance are:
(1) Individual pass card: $87, market rate
(2) Pass cards, group billing (20 o r more): $71, 81% of market rate
(3) Residents of the central business district: $66, 75% of market rate
(4) Persons 62 years of age and over residing in downtown Lowell and handicapped or disabled persons residing in downtown Lowell shall pay $36 per space per month .