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With the heat wave this past week, there’s been a lot of concern about whether the air conditioning could keep up. Cathy sent a list of suggestions last week and I’d like to add another: please clean or change your filters on a regular basis! It’s easy to forget and a clogged filter puts unnecessary strain on your heat pump.

I hope everyone is enjoying the much lovelier weather that arrived this weekend. But with lots of summer still to come, I’m going to post Cathy’s suggestions here for future reference.

I suggest that during these especially hot days you do the following few things to help keep your unit cooler and reduce your electric costs.

  • Shut your blinds, shades, or drapes during the daytime, especially if you are on the sunny side of the building, to keep out some of the outside heat.
  • When you leave your unit to go out, turn the temperature up so the heat pumps are not calling for so much cold air. This will make the building system work more efficiently because 278 heat pumps are not calling for maximum cooling when it is not needed – it will also save you money on your electric bill.

If there’s been an interruption in service and the main system is now back up and running but the air from your heat pumps is still very warm, please reset your heat pumps using the follow protocol.

  • Turn the thermostats down so that they are calling for air conditioning.
  • Shut off the circuit breakers for the heat pumps
  • Wait about 60 seconds and turn the circuit breakers back on
  • In 15-30 minutes the air coming out of your heat pumps should be cooler


A Few Words about Boards & Independence

It’s been suggested that I remind people that even though I’m now on the Association Board, this website and bulletin board remain unofficial and independent of both the Board and the building management. I built it in 2014 as a way to organize useful information and as a way to share info between residents; it is not now, nor has it ever been, the mouthpiece of anyone official.

I continue to encourage people to e-mail me with anything they’d like to see posted on this bulletin board.

Speaking of which, does anyone need any bubblewrap? I have a couple of large sheets I hate to trash. Just let me know if you’d like them and I can drop them at your door or leave them outside mine for pickup.

I also want to remind people that this site has a section with a number of useful condo docs that can be reached via the links page by clicking the residents’ and owners’ filing cabinet link. It’s not one of the more obvious links and newer people may not have noticed it.

Fireworks tonight are 9:00 at LeLacheur Park. The park opens at 6:00 and has a number of family friendly activities starting at 7:00. For those who prefer something quieter, a spot along the riverwalk on the Merrimack (bring your own blanket or chairs) offers a lovely view of the fireworks over the park as well as all the illegal ones that are invariably shot off across the river. Happy Independence Day to All!

Alley Between Canal Place 1 & 2

A group of dedicated residents have been digging in on cleaning up the alley with the hopes of turning it into a place we can all enjoy. It’s going to be an ongoing project. They meet informally Sunday morning putting in as much or as little time as they like between nine and noon; a few folks even pitch in during the week. Everyone is welcome to join them—if you love condo living but miss working in the garden, here’s your chance!

Below are some pictures (thank you, Mary) or stroll on through and check it out yourself.

2 Meetings and 2 Trifles

The Lowell Downtown Neighborhood Association will be having a meeting tonight at 7:00 at the LTC offices next door. 

The Canal Place monthly board meeting will be held Wednesday night in the lobby office at 7:00. Residents welcome.

And two trifles from last night’s potluck supper:
Since I mentioned my Lowell dance history book to people, I figured I’d offer a link to the book’s website (the book is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble but it’s probably cheaper and faster to buy a copy from me). If you’re not particularly interested in the early history of Lowell’s social scene but the history of downtown buildings fascinates you, you can also find what I’m quite sure is THE most detailed history of the Railroad Bank building (east end of the Bon Marché building) on the site as well as a walking tour of dance sites in old Lowell and some minor corrections to the building info that’s in the book.

Trifle number two is this amazing, well, trifle created by Don Trite for the party last night (thanks for the pic, Georgi). For those who didn’t get a chance to try it, let me say, it was even yummier than it looks! Hope to see you all at another gathering soon.

Alleyway Beautification

Several people from Canal Place 1 & 2 are meeting this Sunday morning outside the mailroom from 9–10 to discuss ways to make the alleyway between the buildings something to enjoy rather than ignore—a nice green space with flowers is the current thought. Anyone with ideas to share and/or helping hands to offer is encouraged to join this planning session. Implementation and completion of the project are sure to take time but many hands make light work!

And one more reminder about the Association potluck in the Atrium: Sunday is the day, 4:00–7:00 is the time. If you’re interested in joining your neighbors for this fun event but haven’t signed up yet, please click here!

Parking, Pot Lucks, & Prancing

According to the City Council’s online agenda for the 12th, Tuesday’s meeting will include more discussion regarding the proposed increases in the parking rates (section 4.3 of the agenda).  The meeting starts at 5:30.

If you’re interested in a fun evening of food and conversation, don’t forget to sign up for the Association Pot Luck that’s being held in the Atrium on the 24th.

A Midsummer Dream festival is on Merrimack Street next Saturday afternoon and evening. It’s free and it doesn’t involve any street closings. Charlie and I have been roped into providing some dance entertainment  during the afternoon which makes it a truly unique opportunity to see one of your board members hopping around downtown in fairy wings!

City Council Meeting 5/29

FYI, the City Council’s agenda for Tuesday evening’s meeting includes the proposed parking rate increases for downtown. It’s not clear if there’s a vote or public input involved, but anyone interested in keeping abreast of the situation might want to attend the meeting in the City Council chamber at City Hall at 6:30.

Mailroom and Doors Open

Doors Open Lowell is this Thursday thru Saturday. There are some interesting new buildings on the list this year (we’ve always wondered about the trolley barn at the Boott and now we get a chance to visit it!) More info here.

And, if you’ve been wondering what happened in the mail room last weekend, someone forced the window and helped themselves to some packages. There’s a photo of the culprit in the Lowell Sun here.